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YDL Series Cable Winding& Unwinding Vehicle

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  The hydraulic controlled self-contained cable winding & unwinding vehicle is specially designed for high-efficient cable laying and reclaiming management on all tough working environment especially for harsh ground condition while propelling, continuous dragging, winding and unwinding. The humanized designing concept is reflected from well-designed layout, convenient operation and easy maintenance, which have been widely recognized by mining customers.

  Main Feature:

  ▲It’s equipped with boom hoisting system, single cable reel or double cable reel can be configured for different needs.

  ▲Power supply of hydraulic station is developed from the vehicle’s engine.

  ▲The hydraulic and transmission components are equipped with first class brand such as VICKERS and REXROTH.

  ▲The dustproof enclosed operator cab with compact design is equipped with A/C and be applicable of working on the plateau and extreme hot and cold area.

  ▲Remote control of cable management is available.

  ▲The hydraulic outrigger and hoisting system are efficiently used for fast lifting and replacement of cable reel.

  ▲The rolling of cable reel is designed as tire-like roller or chain driven.

  ▲The telescope robotic arm is hydraulic controlled, by means of flexible laying or reclaiming cable, which assure the vehicle can meet all type of earth-retaining wall’s condition.

  ▲Domestic made (BEIBEN) or imported chassis (Mercedes-benz, Renault) are availed.

  ▲The vehicle is designed as integrated hydraulic control, with easy-to-operate and reliable performance were fully recognized by all customers.



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