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YZ Series Oil & Grease Refilling Vehicle

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  The series oil & grease refilling vehicle is specially used for just-in-time and quantified filling of oil and grease (lubrication oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, coolant, cleaning agent and etc.) for various mining equipment.

  As the centralized refilling system, any specific function and capacity are designed in accordance with customer’s requirement.

  Main Feature:

  ▲Diversified driven modes contain fully hydraulic control, pneumatic control and combination drive.

  ▲The refilling container is configured with various types, including of fixed tank, holder of standard barrel, and combination.

  ▲The driven power is supplied via engine of vehicle or external air source.

  ▲Any refilling oil and grease are available, such as lubrication oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, coolant and etc.

  ▲The hydraulic and lubrication component are configured with GRACO and LINCOLN.

  ▲Enclosed and well-designed layout of van is configured with heating system, all liquid tank are well isolated, which assure the vehicle works greats in all working environment.

  ▲Special designed hoisting device is used for fast and convenient replacement of barrel as needed.

  ▲It’s equipped with GRACO hose winding system for efficient reclaiming of hydraulic hose.

  ▲It’s equipped with GRACO metering device for precise dosing.

  ▲Domestic made (BEIBEN ) or imported  (Mercedes-benz, Renault) chassis are available.

  ▲The vehicle is designed as integrated electric control, the easy operation and reliable performance were fully recognized by all customers.

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