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YTH Series Tire Handler

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  It is specially designed for increasing availability to mining dump truck or heavy-duty engineering equipment,especially for the fast tire replacement by minimizing maintenance downtime using existing shop floor space with YTH series tire handler, in the meantime, this specially designed tool is a must for the mechanics on the floor and will tremendously increase safety and turns around time on other repairs. It’s designed for replacement of tires manufactured by Komatsu, Caterpillar, Terex and other haulage trucks. The standard chassis are wheel loader or forklift or can be custom designed models to fit your specific requirement. YTH3565 has 11,340 kg operating weight which can easily dismantle or install the largest OTR tire.

  Main Feature:

  ▲Sophisticated handler was connected with wheel loader or forklift, the standard mechanical connector from the front-end of wheel loader for easy-to-install, specific connector from fork-arm for easy-to-assemble. 

  ▲Gives complete movement to handler’s connector with 0~120° or 0~360°rotation.

  ▲The robotic handler is heavy-duty designed which can rotate with 0~350°or 0~390°, for the utmost flexibility and maneuverability. 

  ▲In order to fit your fleet requirements, optional equipment are availed.

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