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Series Integrated Equipment of Crawler Assembly Repairing and Rebuilding

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  Based on the advanced repairing and rebuilding technical solution from domestic and abroad, the series equipment is specifically designed for repairing and rebuilding crawler assembly of all mining class dozer and shovel, in particular for D10N, D11T, D375, D475.

  According to the function, the series equipment is specified as below sections:

  1 STP series Track Shoe Disassembly and Assembly Device

  ▲STP series Track Shoe Disassembly and Assembly Device, as the professional inspection and rebuilding system for various track shoe, which integrates the function of disassembly, inspection and assembly.

  ▲The maximum pressing force of track pin pressing machine is 400t, which can meet the requirement of rapid dismantle and remounting.

  ▲The conveying device is equipped with 24 meters length supporting rack assures the large transmitted torque, high efficiency of start-up and stable performance on the low-speed running.

  ▲It’s equipped with all around, high precise and large torque (500-13400N.m) electric-wrench-mechanical-arm that is capable of parallel locating, which can easily dismantle and install the track pin.


  2 SRP-100 track roller dismantle machine

  ▲SRP-100 track roller dismantle machine is specially used for repairing and replace interior components of track roller assembly.

  ▲The machine with100t pressure capacity assures the fast dismantle or reassemble of roller shaft and bushes.

  ▲Adjustable working table can be easily aligned with the center of track roller for further processing, the pressure value is on-timely indicated by the standard monitor installed on the operating table for convenient adjustment of pressure.

  ▲The operating table is assembled onto the rails with 360° rotated and up-and-down adjusted, which will be placed in the line with track roller for further press-assembly during the dismantling and reassembling process.



  3 SJT-4 Track shoe surfacing welding machine

  ▲SJT-4 Track shoe surfacing welding machine is specially used for repair welding of track shoe surface, with the features of wild-application, optimum weld-forming effect, stable performance, easy-to-operate and high efficiency.

  ▲Four welding head design.

  ▲The welding machine is provided oscillating mechanism and automatic lifting structure of welding gun, which is specially applied for welding of wide welding seam and multilayer.

  ▲Preheating system is used for preheating of work-piece, which has independent lifting structure.

  ▲The liable operation system was controlled by PLC system, the automatic or manual controlling mode can be switched as needed, 5.7” touch panel mounted on the switch cabinet is used for managing of composing, inputting and recording of welding data.



  4 SJR-10 track roller surfacing welding machine

  SJR-10 track roller surfacing welding machine consists of loading system, welding station, cooling and water temperature controlling system, oscillating mechanism, power device and control desk. The oscillating welding system is specially used for rebuilding the track roller, idler roller of mining class bulldozer and shovel.


  5 STL sealing and lubrication test device

  By means of vacuum pump dosing, STL sealing and lubrication test device consists of oscillating seal test device, pressure control valve, block valve, barometer, rubber hose and related components, which is functioned with inspection of sealing gasket and lubrication of chain, master pin and bushing.

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