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YDJ Pit Jack Series

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  Jiacheng YDJ pit jack series are the auxiliary equipment mainly for chassis lift of large-scale surface mine transport equipment (such as Caterpillar and Komatsu dump trucks) to facilitate the tires replacement and chassis maintenance. The 180T YDJ1-180, and the 250T YDJ1-250 pit jacks produced by our company have been successfully applied in the Pingshuo open coal mine. Over the years, the equipment has been running soundly, being highly praised by users for its safety and reliably.

  Jiacheng YDJ pit jack series consists of the placement hydraulic pump unit, the hydraulic and electrical controlled centralized operating room, two sets of pit jacks, the pit concrete foundation, and the sewage system. The pit jacks developed by our company meet users’ requirements in terms of product jacking capacity, jacking height, control methods and so on. All the key hydraulic components of the product are all imported. We can guarantee timely spare parts supply, and quick and thoughtful service.

  Main Features:

  ▲Totally enclosed centralized operation room, full hydraulic control, safe equipment, simple operation;

  ▲The pit jacks are equipped with a safety locking mechanism, for safer operation;

  ▲The entire pit jack system is all placed on the underground concrete foundation to meet the need for safe large tonnage jacking on-site;

  ▲A sewage system for the pit is equipped to ensure that the equipment can work around the clock in the open air. 


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