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DF Electric Wheel Turning Frame Series

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  Shanxi Jiacheng DF1-100000 electric wheel electric turning frame series are mainly used for dismantling, assembling electric wheels, which are non-standard and special tooling. The products are applicable to MT5500, MT4400, 930E, 830E and other trucks’ electric wheels. The electric wheel turning frame can realize up and down translational movement along the electric wheel axis, and rotate ± 360 degrees on the parallel plane of the axis; during rotation, it can be stopped or placed at any angle or lifting positions, to facilitate maintenance personnel to dismantle or assemble electric wheels by standing on a level ground.

  The turning frame mainly consists of the body frame, the cycloidal reducer, the electromagnetic brake, the bearing support, the bending boots, the principal shaft, the auxiliary shaft, the brake motors and other components.

  Main Features:

  ▲The device can be rotated to any angle, equipped with brake motors and electromagnetic brakes for secure locking.

  ▲According to maintenance needs, the designed up and down stroke of the turning frame is 1500mm. The turning frame can be lifted to any height, and can be securely locked.

  ▲The turning frame is controlled through the electronic push-button console, designed to be operated by the operator in the standing position.

  ▲Turning frame cover-plate design: the cover is designed with a fixed cover and a movable cover. The fixed cover is used for non-working area and the installation or maintenance of equipment; the movable cover is provided in the electric wheel maintenance work area, which adopts the hydraulic control, opening and closing downward. Both covers can guarantee that when the electric wheel is lifted off the ground, the work area is almost the same as the ground.

  ▲Fence setting: movable fences are designed in the areas that do not affect lifting and maintenance area, to protect the safety of maintenance personnel and equipment. If specially needed, the fences can be removed.



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