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Quality control

Quality control


Topnotch Machining Equipment

The state-of-art machine tools, machining center, welding robots and high performance hydraulic cylinder testing equipment are the strong hardware base for product accuracy, quality and production efficiency.

Advanced Testing Methods

Equipped with the most comprehensive inspection lab, we can conduct raw materials test, chemical test mechanics performance test, nondestructive test, fatigue test and other special tests required by customers. Advanced inspection equipment has allowed us to optimize, design, manufacture, development and test the products; customer feedback has driven us to continuously improve product design.

Scientific Management System

In product research and development, production and inspection, Jc-hydraulic has set high quality, safety and value standards. In compliance with the quality accreditation requirements of ISO9001 Quality Management System, Jc-hydraulic has adopted scientific production management process for rigorous quality control, and developed a complete quality assurance system to ensure product quality and reliability.



Material tensile test



Material chemical composition detection



NDT inspection



Factory test stand



Salt spray test machine



Hardness test equipment



Plating test



Metallographic examination equipment



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